Step One

The process starts for wine making in the primary fermenter. We have 2 jacketed primary fermenters that we can use to keep the temperature regulated. When a batch starts the grapes are crushed and placed into the primary fermenter with yeast. The yeast digests the sugars in the grapes (or other fruit) and turns the sugar into alcohol.

Step Two

The next step is called secondary fermentation, after about a week in the primary the wine is taken off the top and the residual, skins, pulp, yeast cells are left on the bottom of the primary and removed. During secondary fermentation the wine finishes to its final alcohol content.

Step Three

Following secondary fermentation is clarifying. This step is critical to the clarity of the wine. During this stage the wine rests for up to several months while the pulp settles to the bottom.

Step Four

Once the wine is cleared, it can be aged in barrels or if it’s a fruit wine it can be bottled.

Step Five

Prior to bottling the wine is filtered and stabilized to prevent re-fermentation.

Step Six

Our bottling line is pretty small we can fill four bottles in 23 seconds, we then hand cork each bottle using a pneumatic corker or with a hand operated corker.

Step Seven

Our labels are applied on a very small machine, one at a time.